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 posted by Garret on Wed Oct 5, 2011 at 8:47 PM 

Q:  I did not receive my verification email, how can I get it?

A:  Check your spam folder, sometimes unrecognized emails will go there. A second option is to send a blank email to and you should get an immediate response with the verification link.


Q:  What do I do if I forget my password? I don't see a "forgot password?" link!

A:  First attempt to sign in, if you are incorrect, the link will appear.


Q:  How do I change my password, timezone, etc?

A:  On your LetterMeLater account page, click on "Account Info", then "more info: click here".


Q:  How do I delete my account for good?

A:  First delete all of your messages.   Then click on "email address(es)" on the account page.   Select all your existing addresses, then click the "Delete Selected" button.


Q:  Why has the forum turned into a relationship chat room?

A:  Apparently LetterMeLater was featured in a movie in the Philippines called "Starting Over Again" in which the protagonist receives an email 4 years after she dumped some poor fella, and then starts to regret her decision.   It''s only available in the Philippines right now so the rest of us are waiting impatiently to get a glimpse.


In the meantime, if you can't find answers to your questions, use the "contact" link at the bottom of the website to ask us directly.



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